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Film Club Review – Seven Pounds

I don’t know how much of a plot summary I should give for Seven Pounds, since I’m not sure how much of it is intended to be a mystery. If it is supposed to be a mystery, its pretty easy to figure out. None-the-less, I won’t give any of it away. The vague description is that a man (will Smith) seeks for redemption by finding and helping worthy people by changing their lives in differing way.

Seven Pounds suffers quite a bit in the editing. The story feels rather loose at times and could use some tightening. There were points when I was wondering when they were going to get around to advancing the story. The many shots of Will Smith sitting by himself thinking doesn’t help this much.

What this movie does have going for it are some great performances by Smith, Woody Harrellson, and especially the very charming Rosario Dawson. She outshines Smith in most of their scenes together and makes the story between the two characters believable.

While parts of this film feel slow-moving and aimless, the ending makes up for it. The climax is heart-pounding and powerful. It is a well-directed ending, teetering on the line of melodrama, but never quite crossing it. I would have put this at a 7/10, but the gripping ending bumps it up to an 8.

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