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Film Club Review – Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest

When I first heard about Galaxy Quest’s premise, I thought it sounded pretty stupid and headed t no mind. But when I actually thought about it further, its a pretty hilarious concept. The cast of a Star Trek-esque television series is recruited by actual aliens who believe their show is real and need their help. The washed-up actors try fumbling their way through situations they once went through on sets, but usually came up short when these situations had real-life stakes.

This story really grew on me. There aren’t a lot of huge laughs, but there’s some consistently funny stuff going on with the characters. Sam Rockwell who played “crewman #6” in two episodes tags along and spends the whole movie fretting that he’s going to be killed,. because the crewmen (red shirts) always get killed on missions.I also loved the character of Mathesar, who has one of the funniest ways of talking I’ve ever heard.

I was a little disappointed in how they resolved the plot as I think they should have won the day by using their acting skills somehow. Would have seemed to fit better. But oh well. I did like how they recruited their fans to help and the convention scene at the end.

The special effects were pretty poor, but that didn’t bother me. It seemed to fit the tone of the movie better that way, as though it was a cheesy eighties sci-fi show come to life. All in all this was a fun romp and a comedy held strong because of its characters.

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