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The Top Ten Lost Moments

In celebration of the series finale of Lost, one of my all-time favourite TV shows, I will be giving my top ten Lost moments.  These are only a handful of amazing moments this show has given throughout its 6-year run.  There will be spoilers.

10. The wheelchair Reveal

Season 1, Episode 4: Walkabout

When the fourth episode of this new, incredibly intriguing series set up an episode around a mysterious hunter who seemed born to roam the jungles of the island and then shocked us all with the revelation that before the crash he was in a wheelchair, that was when I knew that this show was truly something special.

9. Charlie’s Almost-death

Season 1, Episode 11: All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues

While Jack and Kate were hunting down Ethan and trying to rescue the kidnapped Charlie and Claire, they found charlie hanging from a vine.  After some very intense CPR, Charlie is just barely brought back from the brink of death.  This moment really showed how much these characters had grown together in such a short time.  A wonderfully executed scene.

8. Jack and Sawyer have a Heartfelt Talk

Season 1, Episode 23: Exodus Part 1

These two competitors for Kate’s heart were always at odds throughout the first season.  But when they say their farewells to each other before Sawyer left of the raft, we ended up with a conversation which no one expected.  Sawyer talks about how he met Jack’s father just before he died, creating a bond between the two which would manage to crop up time and again throughout the series.

7. The Desmond-Penny Phone Call

Season 4, Episode 5: The Constant

One of the most compelling love stories throughout Lost has been that of Desmond and Penny; he stranded on the island, she desperately waiting his return.  Until this moment we have only seen their relationship in flashbacks, but when Desmond gets aboard the freighter and gets a phone call through to her, we finally see the two of them reconnect in a scene which left no eye dry.

6. Flash… forward?

Season 3, Episode 22: Through the Looking Glass

The final cliffhanger in the season three finale brought Lost viewers yet another shocker, and one which would reinvent the show entirely.  After watching Jack in a terrible state of affairs during the flashbacks of that episode, we come to the final scene where he has a meeting with…. none other than Kate herself.  This is when we come to the realization that this is not set in the past, but in fact in the future.  Lost never ceases to surprise.

5. The Final Shot

Season 6, Episode 16: The End

The very last episode of Lost was n epic and touching way to end a fantastic series.  Even though they chose to have my favourite character Jack die in the end, I loved the way in which they did it, bringing things full circle as Jack lays down in the bamboo field he first woke up in, with Vincent Joining him for company, watching his rescued friends leave in the plane, and ending with the symbolic closing eye.

4. The Submarine

Season 6, Episode 13: The Candidate

Killing of three main characters in one move was a bold move by the producers and was both shocking and heart-breaking for the audience.  Especially considering all three have been with us since day 1.  Sayid’s sacrifice gave relief to those who feared he was beyond redemption, and Jin’s choice to stay with his wife as she drowned among the wreckage to the exploded sub was hard to bear.

3. Charlie’s Death

Season 3, Episode 22: Through the Looking Glass

Perhaps the saddest of all TV death’s was that of Charlie Pace.  Even though his death was foreseen by Desmond, it was still hard to come to grips with the rock star’s final moments as he sacrificed himself in an attempt to help his friends.

2. Jack meets Kate

Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot Part 1

One of the very first scenes in the entire run of the show, this memorable meeting of the two leads set to tone for the whole series which would come after.  We were immediately introduced to fantastic writing and acting, but more importantly we were shown that we had characters with depth and emotion, and it was indeed these defining qualities which brought us back each week.

1. The Raft Launching

Season 1, Episode 23: Exodus Part 1

The first season of Lost may very well be the greatest season of television ever constructed.  And its serial storyline culminated in the two part finale as their greatest sign of hope, Micheal’s hand-built raft, was set into motion.   What an epic, sweeping scene; the score lifting our chests, the emotions swelling our eyes.  Watching Jin and Sun separate as he left to save her, and Vincent’s last dash to be with his master Walt, the joy of everyone on the beach, it all came together brilliantly to provide a moment which cannot be forgotten by Lost fans.

2 Responses to “The Top Ten Lost Moments”

  1. Nice list, now I have to watch the series again from the beginning. I’m still not sure what the ending was supposed to mean.

  2. Oh man, I miss this show. 😦 Great list!

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