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Film Club Review – All About Eve

All About Eve

All About Eve is the story of a young wanna-be actress, Eve, who manages to work her way into the life of a Broadway star, Margo, and follow her ambitions through upstaging and backstabbing. They say that this is the defining performance of Betty Davis’ career as the aging actress Margo, and indeed it is a great performance and is the glue which holds this whole movie together.

The plot starts of as a pretty conventional and bland story about a fan who tries to involve herself in the life of her favourite actress. Not a lot to keep a person interested to be honest. But as the story progresses and Eve’s conniving becomes for apparent, the story becomes much more intriguing. Until then the witty and brilliantly-written dialogue is enough to keep us watching

This movie does have some problems. The less-than-interesting plot line (at least for the first half of the movie) is a detriment, as is the acting of Anne Baxter as Eve. I felt her performance was rather stiff, though she was given nomination for the role so I must be in the minority here. There is also a rather huge and glaring plot contrivance in the middle of the film involving a “joke” played on Margo by her best friend Karen. It also runs about 15 minutes too long.

These problems prevent me from claiming All About Eve to be one of the all-time great films, but they don’t prevent it from being a highly enjoyable film.

As a side-note I was very surprised and delighted to see Marilyn Monroe in a small role here. I didn’t realize, or had completely forgotten, that she was in this movie. Her presence always brightens the screen.


2 Responses to “Film Club Review – All About Eve”

  1. Nice review! I bought ‘All About Eve’ a few days ago but haven’t watched it yet; looking forward to it now after reading your review.

  2. […] 16. All About Eve (1950) – 1950 saw two films about aging actresses in the twilight of their careers, and both those films are only a few spots away from each other on this list.  All About Eve is much more light-hearted and fun that Sunset, however, and for that reason I would probably prefer Eve.  That’s not to say it doesn’t have its problems. See my full review here.  […]

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