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Film Club Review – Unforgiven


Unforgiven takes all of the mythology, legend and cliches of Westerns and presents them in a down-to-earth, sophisticated, and authentic manner. It took me a while to warm up to this movie, but it eventually won me over and I really enjoyed it and I understand why it gets the praise that it does.

Clint Eastwood’s character is part of the reason why it took we a while to get into the movie. He’s not all that interesting to be honest. I lost track of how many times he said “I ain’t like that no more.” The most interesting character for me was Gene Hackman’s Little Bill, the ruthless sheriff. He always stole the scene in a stellar performance, creating a great character.

The story seems pretty straight-forward, but really solidifies about a third of the way through and becomes really solid and gripping. The photography here is beautiful and really showcases the gritty glamour of the Old West (especially the climactic ending). This is one of the greatest Westerns I’ve seen and I would highly recommend it to any movie lover whether a western fan or not.

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  1. […] 98. Unforgiven (1992) – Unforgiven took me by surprise.  It managed to pull off being a tribute to westerns while also using the genre’s best qualities to be a great film.  It looks great and its pacing is just right; a slow build to a great and fitting conclusion. Read my full review here. […]

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