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Film Club Review – The Last Metro

The Last Metro

Its interesting watching the Last Metro not too long after watching Inglourious Basterds as they both deal with French theater in Nazi-occupied Paris. However, they are completely different films with very different tones.

One thing that struck me right off the bat was how Truffaut is immediately able to establish a sense of time and place and really draw you in. There’s an instant sense of familiarity to the streets of Paris, making this movie very accessible. There is actually a rather large cast of characters, all of whom have their moment and all of whom add to the feeling of community, which in turn strengthens the familiarity and accessibility.

The movie tells the story of a french theater trying to survive under the Nazi occupation, while one of the actors works with the underground, and another is hiding her husband in the cellar. There is quite a lot of intrigue here which keeps you very interested. The acting and dialogue is very genuine, which also helps a great deal.

The problem that I found with this film is that there isn’t really any payoff at the end. I kept hoping for tensions to rise, which they never did, at least not to the level that I hoped. I was holding out for a stronger ending than what I was given. Still, a strong film, well-executed.


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