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Film Club Review – Millions


Danny Boyle is a director who refuses to be pigeon-holed into a certain genre, yet perhaps Millions is his furthest derivative from his usual body of work. And he is able to add a lot of charm and energy into this tale of two brothers who find a bag full of money and conflict on how to spend it. Damien wants to give it away to the poor, while Anthony wants to spend and invest.

This movie starts out very strong and we really grow to care about Damien and his family. Damien also sees dead saints every once in a while, and I’m not really sure this worked for me but I suppose it was an important piece in understanding his motivations. There are a lot of funny lines here and over all the movie leaves you feeling good.

The film does begin to unravel at the end, however. At one point I thought that the movie was going in one particular direction, but it ended up not taking that route (which I actually thought would have been a better ending than I got). It has a good message about alms-giving and philanthropy, though at times the message is muddled and unclear.



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