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Fantastic Mr. Fox

So is Fantastic Mr. Fox fantastic? More the most part, yeah. I would probably describe it as enjoyable more than anything else. It was just really enjoyable. There’s quite a lot of comedy; not the laugh out loud kind, but the put a smile on your face the whole way through kind. The voice acting is really good here and is able to make these claymation woodland creatures real characters with real personalities. Some of the relationships work really great here, including Ash and his cousin and Fox and his opossum friend whose name escapes me right now. The one relationship I wish they would have made a little more intimate was Fox and his wife. Their relationship left me a kind of cold.

There’s not a lot about this movie that’s really outstanding; its just simply fun and endearing. The animation looks incredible and creates a really unique look of its own. The score is also top notch and really sets the tone of the story. This movie is great too look at, the story is fun to follow and the dialogue and set pieces are very entertaining. It may not rise to incredible heights, but not every movie needs to. This is charming little animated film which is much different than any other you’ve seen.

2 Responses to “Fantastic Mr. Fox”

  1. This was my favorite movie of this year. I watched it twice in the theaters…something so subtle and engaging about it. Definitely a unique and exceptional film.

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