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Funny People

Funny people really isn’t all that funny, at least not in the knee-slapping joke-a-minute way. That’s not to say it isn’t enjoyable though. The first hour of this movie is really entertaining and you will chuckle through some of the dryer humour which creeps up occasionally. And the stand-up comedy they show will definitely make you laugh (except for the routines which are purposely not funny). Adam Sandler really hits his stride playing a dying comedy superstar wand Seth Rogan really does well with his role as an up-and-comer who follows him like a lapdog.

The movie really succeeds when Ira becomes involved in George’s celebrity life and when he is hanging out with his two roommates. There are some interesting cameos here, most notable for me was James Taylor who has only two lines which you wouldn’t expect James Taylor to say.

But this film’s Achilles heel comes after the first hour. And really there are two heels. The first is the length; this movie is simply way too long. It runs well over the two hour mark and it really doesn’t need to. There are moments in the middle where it drags and drags badly. The second is the obvious unraveling of the plot. They spend a lot of time dealing with a storyline involving his ex-fiance which really loses focus of where the plot is going. They simply lose direction on this one and it finishes with a very weak and purposeless ending.

One Response to “Funny People”

  1. “Funny people really isn’t all that funny” – that totally summed up how I felt about this film as well. It should not be allowed to have funny i the title as it really is misleading haha. Although I do get that it was about comedians but still, totally a false sense of security that this will be an extremely funny comedy.

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