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Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is the story of two people who unknowingly get caught up in some sort of terrorist plot/big brother conspiracy where they keep getting phone calls which gives them directions. Now, I’m willing to suspend disbelief in movies, but only to a certain point. They movie first has to convince me to suspend disbelief. But when the mastermind of this plot is able to blow a specific transformer breaker in just such a way that the wires fall so that they kill just the person they meant to be killed and not harming the other two characters, I start to get pulled out of the illusion.

That said, the story of this roller coaster plot is pretty sound. All of the story aspects we come across have a piece to play in the puzzle. And I found myself rather impressed by the dialogue every now and again. Every once in a while is would pop with interesting language and out of the bland action chatter.

Eagle Eye is fun enough to watch, but the moments in incredulity can be too much. (the bomb being triggered by the woman’s kid’s trumpet?? Really??) There’s too much generic chase and action sequences which made me begin to lose interests at points also especially the ending. At the beginning of the movie I thought it may escape cookie-cutter status, but that’s exactly what it ended up becoming.

One Response to “Eagle Eye”

  1. The beginning of the movie was good but by the time it got to the end it was ridiculous. I kept thinking they were going come up with a clever ending to make it all make sense but they didn’t.

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