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500 Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer is a story about a guy named Tom and his first real relationship, a girl named Summer. The story does jump around the timeline of the relationship a bit, but in a way that you get a very clear picture of how their relationship grew and declined.

This was a nice, touching story where I managed to really connect and relate to Tom and felt his emotions along with him. The chemistry between the Levitt and Deschanel was very strong, and at times their relationship was very sweet. I cared about what happened between the two of them throughout the whole movie. And I must say, I really liked the ending, finishing off on a high note when I thought they were going the opposite direction.

They could have made some improvements. The film was a little too gimmicky at times, using deices such as a foreign movie montage, mini-musical sequence, etc. And the narration which was peppered throughout was really unnecessary. The film would have probably been stronger without it.

Despite those minor problems, this is a sweet semi-romance which does a good job at portraying real emotions involved in a young relationship. You wont find any bold romantic gestures here, like in other movies; just regular romantic gestures like in real life. This was a refreshing and meaningful story well told.

2 Responses to “500 Days of Summer”

  1. It was one of my favorite movies,i enjoyed it.
    But I never saw the “relationship” part of it.she made it clear she didn’t want anything serious,so they were just dating,or having fun,from her part at least.I guess he lied when he told her it was okay if that was what she wanted.She wasn’t that much of a bitch like everyone said because she looked for him in the end.

  2. Well, they had a relationship, no matter how well-defined or not it was. Just because she said she didn’t want anything serious, doesn’t mean it didn’t become serious.

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