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My Best TV Shows of 2009

Happy New Year everyone!  Time for the best of the year lists!!

5. House

House continues to stay fresh by changing up the cast periodicaly and always having interesting storylines. The fifth season ended with the storyline where House is actually going crazy and begins the sixth season in a mental hospital. House isn’t really a serial show, though it has some continuing storylines. It is one of those shows you can tune into on any given week and just enjoy.

4. Dragon’s Den

I really don’t like reality/competition shows, but the Dragon’s Den is different. This Canadian show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to wealthy investors is always interesting; both to see the crazy ideas and to see the reaction of the panel.

3. The Office

Sure the Office has been lacking in quality from its first 3 seasons, but it has increased in quality since its downturning fourth season and seems to be marching at a steady pace now. Sure Jim and Pam are getting more smug and unlikable by the minute, but Micheal and the others are as funny as ever.

2. 24

After a dismal 6th season and an almost two year hiatus, 24 really needed to come out with with a bang in its season 7 comeback, and it did. The action moved to Washington DC this season and was a season of solid drama and tension. Jack Bauer is back in full form.

1. Lost

Once again Lost holds the title as best show of the year. I began to get worried after the show seemed to take a crazy new direction, but they played it smart and gave us 16 thrilling episodes to add to the Lost mythology. Things are really rolling now, as this fantastic show heads into its sixth and final season.

3 Responses to “My Best TV Shows of 2009”

  1. House hasn’t ever done much for me, but I have a lot of friends that watch it, so I should probably give it another shot. 24 on the other hand, I found to be pretty boring. I only made it through about half of season one before giving up.

    I totally agree with everything you said about The Office and LOST, though. Two terrific shows! Have you watched any Dexter or Breaking Bad? They’d both make my list of best shows of ’09.. and of all time, really.

    • I’ll be honest, I haven’t sen either, nor Mad Men or many of the HBO shows. For the simple reason that I don’t have any of those specialty channels, can’t watch Hulu, and don’t want to bother searching around for the episodes online. I have heard good things though.

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