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Yeah, this was awesome. I love fantasy tales which involve fully-realized worlds and interesting characters. This is why I gravitated so easily to the Star Wars universe and why I connected so closely to Tolkien’s middle-earth. Avatar brought these elements out in ways that I hardly see on the big screen anymore, and I loved it. This is the best film of the year and a landmark in epic adventures.

Visually, Avatar is downright amazing. Pandora is a complete and real world on the screen and the 3D only adds to the illusion of reality. I am a strong opponent of 3D movie technology, but I have to admit that it works here because it blends in with the film instead of being showcased. And the CGI: wow. This is simply the best special effects to date. The Navi look real. Usually with CGI people, the eyes and the mouth movements give them away, but here they work seamlessly and I had to keep reminding myself that they were in fact animated.

I have heard a lot about the story being too generic, and it is I suppose. The Navi too closely resemble the Native Peoples of North America, but that is a minor quibble. I liked the story as a whole and was caught up in it all. This is the kind of story that many imaginations will be triggered by.

James Cameron, thank you for having such an epic vision and following through on it.

3 Responses to “Avatar”

  1. I’m surprised you’re still reading my movie reviews after how much I hated on Avatar..

  2. I think this is indeed a good film if wereen’t so hyped up people would not be criticizing it so harshly.

  3. Rachael – Just because we disagree on one movie doesn’t mean I’m going to discount what you say about other movies. 🙂

    Ethan – I kind of agree with you there. But anything that becomes massively popular is going to get a lot of detractors. Its sometimes hard to tell if they legitimately feel that way or whether they just want to go against the grain.

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