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The Ten Best Beers in the World

10. Newcastle Brown Ale

This creamy ale from northern England is the perfect addition to an English pub visit. Even though many are not fond of Ale beers, Newcastle is a great gateway beer which can appeal to many tastes. It is wonderfully flavourful, creamy and smooth and a worthy addition to kick off our list.

9. Super Bock

When one thinks of great beer, Portugal is usually not the first country which comes to mind. However, this lager from Porto is one of the most highly acclaimed beers in the world. It is the only beer to have won the Mode Selection gold medal award twenty times in a row. It has become very popular recently with football fans in Europe specially with fans of the most famous team in the world, Manchester United. Super Bock has established itself as one of the great beers in the world.

8. La Fin du Monde

Canada has a strong beer industry and is possibly the best beer-producing country outside of Europe. This beer from Quebec is a monster. It is a triple-fermented beer with a spicy kick to it. It has a strong personality and is almost like the champagne of beers. It is certainly a unique experience to drink one of these, and an adventurous one since the beer actually continues to ferment in the bottle! Therefore the actual alcohol content cannot be measured, running from 8-9% or higher, depending on the bottle.

7. Augustiner Helles

Oktoberfest!! This double-fermented German lager is possibly the most popular beer in the home of the world’s greatest beer festival, Munich. German beer is brewed under the Reinheitsgebot, a set of laws which pertain to brewing beer from only pure products (water, barley and hops). Augustiner is perhaps to finest this proud beer-producing country has to offer.

6. Pilsner Urquell
Czech Republic

If there’s one thing the Czechs know, its beer. They actually drink more beer than the Germans and Czech Republic is the home of the pilsener style. Urquell is one of the best pilseners in the world, and even though it may have a low alcohol content, it makes up for it with its taste and heavy body. Urquell also has the privilege of claiming to be the basis upon which most modern beers were made from, the first of the golden beers which have become so popular worldwide.

5. Cascade Premium Lager

Move over Fosters; this is the real Australian beer. This lager from Tasmania comes from the oldest brewery in the country and has made its name as one of the best in the world. Its unique hops blend gives it a spicy taste and a unique flavour which will keep you coming back for more.

4. Delerium Tremens

Chances are you’ve never heard of this beer, but the Pink Elephant is one of the most highly acclaimed beers from one of the most highly acclaimed beer nations. Belgium is the ultimate beer county. No here else in the world can you find such quality and variety the your selection of beer. Delerium Tremens (which actually means hallucinations due to lack of alcohol) is a pale ale with a unique blend of yeasts which gives it a very distinctive fruity taste which compares to almost no other in the world.

3. Guinness

Guinness is not just a beer; its a tradition, its a legend, its an integral thread in the Irish culture. Ask for a pint in Ireland and the bartender will just assume you mean a pint of Guinness. Aurthur Guinness felt so confidential in his recipe, he leased his brewery at St. James’ Gate in Dublin for 9,000 years. Guinness may not be for everyone. It is an acquired taste to be sure, but once you have acquired it there’s nothing else quite like it. Of course, Guinness in its home country tastes quite a bit better than exported, but a Guinness is still a Guinness no matter where you are in the world. There is no mistaking the Black.

2. Westvleteren 12

When a beer has its own demand on the black market, you know its gotta be good. Brewed by Belgian monks, Westvleteren is often chosen by beer enthusiasts as the best beer in the world. It is one of the few breweries where the monks are the ones who actually still brew the beer. All of the profits of the beer go to the monastery or to other charitable causes, giving the beer a respectable sense of humble origin and tradition. The beer is hard to get your hands on. Sale of the beer is very restricted, being sold only at the brewery site, and then it is limited as to how much you may buy. Westvleteren beer is not one which has been tried by many people, but those who have sing its praises.

1. Heineken

This may seem like an odd choice for the best beer in the world, but there is a reason it is here. First is quality. This pilsener beer which has been around since 1873 is made from the basic ingredients of beer (hops, water, barley, and its very own yeast variety), yet is done so to near perfection. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a pint of Heineken at its source, in the wonderful city of Amsterdam, it is like tasting liquid gold. I have yet to drink a beer that tastes as good and pure as it did there.
Heineken also tops this list because it is accessible. It is a style of beer which all beer drinkers can appreciate, not just the enthusiasts and beer snobs. There are a lot of people who won’t necessarily go for the trapper beers such as Fin du Monde or Westvleteren, and the ports and stouts such as Guinness is not a taste that is for everyone. However, Heineken has its foot in both doors; it is accessible to the entirety of beer drinkers and also has the high quality and brilliant taste of the best beers of the world.

11 Responses to “The Ten Best Beers in the World”

  1. not true

  2. I love your number one pick. I don’t drink anything else, Heineken has every other beer beat by far.

  3. what??no Carlsberg?are you insane??

  4. Wow you got Augustiner at NO7. Do you honestly think that Heineken is better than a flagship beer of the biggest beer festival brewed for over 700 years. This is a really big statement you making here…

  5. Augistiner auf Platz 7? Du spinnst wohl… Neger, bitte dich…

  6. Great pst until the end…really

  7. I’ve had most of the beers in this list in their respective countries. Augustiner is too low in this ranking and Heineken is too high .. even the local people won’t drink Heineken

  8. This is hilarious, lol, I had to share it with my friends… Augustiner number 7 and Heineken first?
    And guinness isnt even the best stout mate, nevermind making into a list of top 10 beers!
    Maybe you should have called it ‘the 10 beers in the world I most liked when I was pissed on them’?

    • Do yourself a favour and get hold of a bottle of Augustiner, drink it and then drink your Heineken, (or whatever your favourite beer is now) straight afterwards. Youll get a much better idea of what Augustiner is about then 😉

  9. Wow you put Cascade and Shiniken over 600 years of brewing tradion of Augustiner. How do you get to writte these reviews?

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