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The Ten Greatest Videos Games of All-Time

10. Grand Theft Auto 3

I really could have thrown up any of the last four GTA games in this position (3, 4, Vice City, San Andreas). I decided to go with the third one because it was the most revolutionary of the highly controversial franchise. What GTA was able to do was create an almost fully-interactive world with its 3D Renderware engine, including non-linear missions radio stations in the cars. Each of the next three GTA games stepped it up a notch, making their worlds even more interactive, but GTA III was the one that really started it off.

9. Super Mario Kart

Let’s ask ourselves, what is the purpose of video games? For fun and enjoyment. Super Mario Kart is engineered for pure, unadulterated fun and is one of the best games to serve that purpose. Its a racing game, but so much more. Even those who don’t care for racing games can get into the battle-mode aspects and the competition it breeds. The concept is pretty simple and has proven successful almost every time Nintendo brings it back.

8. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is one of the most influential games in the RPG genre which became extremely popular due to the way it allowed character development throughout the game. Chrono Trigger’s fighting platform and story allows it to still be one of the best RPG games out there, despite the exponential growth in video game technology.

7. Tetris
Multiple Systems

Move over Rubik’s Cube. Abstract puzzle games had their new champion when a Russian computer programmer developed Tetris, which spread throughout Russia and eventually throughout the world. Tetris has the ability to span all gamer groups (including non-gamers) and all generations. It has become one of the most recognizable games in popular culture today and let’s face it, its still fun to play every time you sit down in front of it.

6. Half-Life 2

Half-life 2 made massive advancements in video game technology and is one of the most critically-acclaimed games there has ever been. Half-life 2 has been described as “a masterpiece” and “a work of art in the genre” -IGN. It is the greatest first-person shooter ever made and one of the most flawless video games to date.

5. Super Mario Bros.

Alright, yes there were video games before Mario: pong, space invaders, pac man. But let’s face it; Super Mario Bros. was when video games really began. This is the quintessential video game with the greatest legacy in the history of the entire industry. And tis just one hell of a fun game. Its simple side-scrolling enterntainment which can still hold its own against all of the high-graphics, multi-interactive games of today. Super Mario Bros. is the classic of all classics.

4. Final Fantasy VII

The seventh installment of the popular RPG series set a new standard for video games when it was released. The story, gameplay, graphics, and sound are all top-notch, combining together to make one of the most outstanding video game experiences one could have. The story is what really stands out tough, with its cinematic cut-scenes backed up by an incredible soundtrack.

3. Metal Gear Solid

Konami’s tactical espionage game blew gamers away with its storyline and tactile gameplay. MGS has lead to three sequels, each of which has added to the graphics and improving in various aspects of the game. Everything about Metal Gear works; the primary character Solid Snake who is now one of the most popular VG characters, the engaging, rich, and almost philosophical storyline, the evasive stealth gameplay as opposed to just shooting everything you see, it all works brilliantly.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Nintendo’s adaption of their popular Zelda series to 3D turned out being a masterpiece of the video game genre. Ocarina of Time is constantly popping up at the top of Top Ten lists by all sorts of video game experts. The imaginative and philosophical world of Hyrule became more interactive than ever, providing one of the highest forms of entertainment electronic gaming has ever provided.

1. Super Mario Bros. 3

That’s right, fir the number 1 pick I did not go with the game with the most high-tech graphics and technical elements or the most deep and involving storyline. I went with a game that is just pure fun with bright, vibrant and colourful visuals, which is good for all time zones and can span across generations. The release of Super Mario Bros. 3 was a big deal back in 1989 and its release managed to take video games up to a whole new epic level.
The eight lands and maps of the Mushroom Kingdom were able to truly create a rich, engaging world. Many new elements were added to the Mario gameplay, all of which worked brilliantly. It may have been twenty years ago, but Mario 3 is still the greatest game ever made.

5 Responses to “The Ten Greatest Videos Games of All-Time”

  1. Very nice list. Half Life 2 & Chrono Trigger are the only 2 I haven’t played but have only heard rave reviews of.

  2. Nice list… Super Mario 2 would have been my number one though…

  3. Mario 2? Really? Why is that?

  4. Special Mention : Counter Strike….

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