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Film Club Review – Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In is a Swedish movie about a young boy who befriends a girl with a secret. The secret being that she is a vampire. The story focuses on both the recent deaths in the area which correspond to the arrival of the girl (Eli) and the story of the growing friendship and love between her and Oskar.

This is a great movie. I have never seen a story about vampires so strongly grounded in reality before,. This is a story about what a vampire’s life would be like if they actually existed, rather than being creatures of myth.

Recently there has been a terrible trend in vampire stories to negate and disregard the natural laws of vampires, such as letting them come out in sunlight, ignoring the whole running water and garlic stuff, etc. I”m not really sure if the people who create these stories (cough stephanie meyers cough) think that they are being unique and innovative by throwing the basic vampire characteristics out the window, but they aren’t. What makes vampires so interesting are all of the little quirks and restrictions and rules they have to follow. Keeping the traditional vampire traits make for a much more interesting tale, and this movie is strong proof of that.

One of the traits they focus most heavily on is the law where vampires must be invited in before they can enter your home and drink your blood. This movie also seems to be making a message towards invitations in general and how we bring other people into our lives. This includes accepting people for who they are, which Oskar does.

This film has some fantastic photography and direction which build up the suspense very well. The only problem with it is the ending. I was expecting a little more than what I got at the end. It was as though the filmmakers had this great idea for a movie but didn’t really have a climax to the story so just kind of threw one together. I would have liked an ending with a little more of an emotional punch. But otherwise a fantastic film witha wonderful tone and a great vision of realistic vampirism and a touching emotional relationship between the two characters.

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