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Well, was this ever a disappointment. Frost Nixon certainly does not have a lot going for it. It is really a rather bland and boring film which feels much longer than it actually is. There is too much build up to the interviews full of scenes and character “development” which I just couldn’t be bothered to care about.

Howard did a lot here which really just did not work. The mock documentary interviews peppered throughout the story were distracting and annoying. And some of Howard’s attempts to personalize Nixon (i.e. te Kruschev gas pedal story) were way too obvious and out of place to work. A lot of this movie was over-directed with moments like that.

I enjoyed the acting by the two main actors, but that was about all I enjoyed. I usually enjoy behind the scenes looks behind events and politics, but there weren’t many insights given here. It also doesn’t help that I watched this after just watching the similar yet far superior Goodnight and Good Luck. At the end of Frost Nixon I found no reason why I should watch this film rather than simply watch the actual frost nixon tapes.
5 / 10

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