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In Bruges

Wow, Colin Ferrel can act! Who woulda thunk it? Actually he was really good in this movie, creating a unique and hilarious character out of Ray, a hitman who made a horrible mistake. His friend and fellow hitman Ken, played by Brennan Gleason, a highly underrated actor, hides out with him in Bruges, a quite Medieval town in Belgium.

Having been to Bruges, I loved seeing it on film, bringing back so many memories of that great place. I may even have been in that same pub! So the cinematography was great, with shots like the swan on the canal, but when you’re working with taht material its probably not that tough.

The films real winning point is the relationship between the two main characters, whether it be the wisecracking dialogue showing their different points of view (mostly about the city itself) or whether their dealing with really deep issues such as the nature of hell. The action of this movie is realistic and just in the right amount so that it never drowns out the drama and only adds to it.

One of the best of the year, without doubt.


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