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Tropic Thunder

This was a pretty damn funny movie. Right from the trailers to the dancing credits. The five actors who are thrown into a real guerilla situation while they think its a movie set is a concept that’s a bit of a stretch, but it works.

Robert Downey Jr steals the show with his white actor who makes himself black, even though most of his lines aren’t the kind that make you laugh right out loud, but they have to sink in a second first. Ben Stiller also plays it good as the naive wanna-be serious action star. Jack black is slightly outshined and isn’t given his due however. Matthew Mckonahy (and i’ve just realized i have NO idea how to spell his name) was really good as the agent, and Cruise gives an unexpected performance, to say the least.

Many war movies are spoofed in this, including Platoon and Saving Private Ryan (two of my favorites) though in the way that you wouldn’t catch unless you’ve seen those movies, much like the classic Simpsons movie spoofing scenes, which I think works best. Anyways, there are lots of laughs here, the cast is a delight to watch, and some pretty good action to boot. Sure some of the jokes fall flat, but not enough that it drags the film down.

8 out of 10.

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