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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Well, if I had to sum up the Clone Wars movie in one word it would probably be juvenile. Perhaps if I was a 12 year old kid again this would hold some appeal, but really the whole movie seemed silly to me, like I was watching a saturday morning cartoon (which I guess I essentially was).

I am a huge, massive Star Wars fan who defends even Phantom Menace and AOTC. But I won’t bother defending this one. Sure it was fun at times, but right from the beginning with the cheesy voice-over introduction to the rapid acceleration to the weak plot device ‘The Jedi Must save Jabba the Hutt’s son’ I pretty much knew what I was in for. After that you essentially get an hour and a half of shooting.

They try to set up a good relationship between Anakin and his new apprentice Asoka, which is okay I guess, except that seeing some annoying teenage girl try to be a Jedi was a little annoying and very un-star wars like, more like High School Musical made an appearance in the movie.

The animation didn’t look that great, but I suppose the style of it is a matter of taste. The plot was actually well-thought out even if it wasn’t a big enough or emotionally deep enough story for a movie.

All in all, pretty unnecessary.

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