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The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight; the biggest movie of recent years.

It was well worth the wait and well worth living through all the crazy hype.  It was fantastic.

Nolan took what worked with Batman Betgins (which was pretty much everything) and added new layers, creating a solid, brilliant piece of work.  Ledger steals the show of course, and lives up to the anticipation leading up to seeing this heavily talked-about role.  He was phenominal; wicked, crazy, enticing.  He captivated you when ever he was on-screen and he was not played out, which was good.
Also, they do an excelent job of defining the relationship between Batman and Joker, the contrast between the two, while at the same time the depancy on each other.  This is how the Joker/Batman relationship should be.

Bale was just as good as before.  I love the way he plays Bruce Wayne and a happy-go lucky naive playboy.  Oldman is also fantastic.  He has a way of really sinking into his roles, and he absolutely becomes Commissioner Gordan.


The tone fit perfectly, the action scenes were top-notch, but the story was what stands out, tying everything together in a very literary kind of way.  Three are also some very neat ideas here such as when the joker dresses the henchmen up as hostages and when Batman thinks he’s saving Rachel, but Joker switched the addresses up.  And lets not forget the Batcycle being seperated from the remains of the batmobile. Fantastic stuff.

This is an amazing film, surpassing both the superhero and crime drama/thriller genres.  I don’t know how they plan to top this if they do make a third.  Long live Batman.


One Response to “The Dark Knight”

  1. Incredible film, probably the best superhero film ever. I don’t think they will be able to top this because the Joker is the best villain and Heath Ledger brought a very dark edge to it.

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