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When I finally saw Pixar’s 2008 hit WallE, I was blown away.

It seems like such a simple film at first, with a little robot filled with curiosity in an empty planet. But the arrival of Eve changes his world, and he eventually finds the last of the human race in outer space, who are now the epitome of fat and lazy.
The film strikes our emotions at many levels, dealing with the importance of ecology, the value of human ambition, and the wonder of diversity.

But at the movies heart is the love story between WallE and Eve. It is incredibly sweet and touching, especially when WallE is caring for her while she is in hibernation state. I love the scene when they are zooming around together outside of the ship. It is one of those moments that tells you that this movie is something special.

On the technical side, the animation is the best I have ever seen in movies, ever; taking the title from Pixar’s modern day classic Finding Nemo. The landscapes are rich, the beginning views of earth are eerily haunting, the space scenes are magnificent, and the characters, especially our title hero, are complex and real.

WallE himself is a lovable character who changes the lives of everyone he comes into contact with for the better. He is truly a wonderful character who is full of personality, just like this movie itself.  It is the best of the year.


One Response to “Wall*E”

  1. Wall-E was so cute

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