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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I was not expecting great things from this movie, but it was surprisingly better than I hoped for. My biggest problem with it was the same problem I had with Lion, With, Wardrobe and that was that Narnia seems to have lost some of its innocent magic and whimsy from the translation. I almost wonder if less realistic special effects would have helped create a more fantastical tone befitting the Narnia stories.

With that said, even though Caspian and the Telmarines were nothing like what Imagine them to be, it didn’t bother me that much and Caspian was not as bad of an actor as I gathered he would be from the trailers. The kid playing Peter is another story though, he just couldn’t figure out how to deliver all of those dramatic lines he had.

The plot moved rather well, yet in the hands of a better director this could have been almost a masterpiece. Certain relationships like Lucy and Trumpkin were not well-developed, yet at the end we were expected to get some pay off from it. With a better director we may have actually gotten this pay off.
I didn’t even mind the (very) subtle romance between Caspian and Susan, even though it was completely fabricated. Yet that would have worked better had it been a little less subtle, even just one more scene of them actually having a conversation, or something.
The man, or mouse rather, who stole the show was Reepicheep. I wondered it they could pull him off, and they certainly did. All in all, enjoyable and not the disaster I expected, yet would have been great in the hands of a better director.

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