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Iron Man

Awesome. This movie was just really awesome. Robert Downey Jr really owned his role. He was Tony Stark and he truly made the movie work with his performance. And the chemistry with him and Paltrow really worked for me as well.

The story was pretty solid and well-told, and lets face it all of the scenes where he’s building the suit are just plain cool. The action scenes were great, and i’m glad that they weren’t drawn out like i find many action scenes in movies like this to be.

But really its Downey’s personality that really injects a lot of the fun and excitement into this film. As far as the recent wave of comic movies goes, this is one of the best.

And the after-credit scene sets up some interesting possibilities.


2 Responses to “Iron Man”

  1. Honestly I found Iron Man disappointing whenever Robery Downey Jr. wasn’t being the witty bitch Tony Stark. The next movie could be called TONY STARK and I’d be totally OK with that.

  2. Luckily, most of the movie was him being Tony Stark though.

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