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Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are. Okay, where to start? When I first heard they were going to do a film on the classic childre’s book I remember so fondly from my past, I was against the idea. But after watchng the trailer, I though that if they really went all out on this film and reached for large ambitions, they may yet be able to pull it off. And after watching the film, I see that that is exactly what they did.

Wild Things really taps into the mind of a child like few works of art can do. Not since Calvina and Hobbes have I seen the essence of a kid’s imagination captured so well. But what they do in this movie is to use these amazing monsters to represent each facet and comonpent of a child’s thought-patterns. It really is a great allegory; one that really makes you think and which isn’t too preachy or self-aware.

I believe that it was a great choice to use muppet-like suits for the monsters instead of going down the all-too-common CGI route. This gives the monsters a distinctive look and actually make the monsters more real. The visuals and cinematography of this movie are downright incredible.

There are parts of this movie which I would say are a little too liberal and generation Y, especially the character of KW. These quirky moments are enough to take me out of the film at times. I also hoped for a little more emotional resonance. Though those are really my only complaints in an otherwise wonderfully constructed film.


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