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Zombieland is a really funny movie with some very funny moments, but as a movie itself its not that hot. First off, I hated the opening credits. Mind you, I have never been one for gross-out humour, and that is all the opening was. And throughout the film, there was some very gratuitous gag moments as well.

Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson made this movie. They both have great comedic timing and work well together for an unlikely pair. The girls of the movie did not really stand out much, bu these two certainly did. Also, I loved the rules for surviving popping up all over the place. It gave a sense of familiarity for the audience and made us feel connected to the movie. That was a good move on the directors part.

The Bill Murray cameo was very unexpected. And it was very funny, however it did seem tangental and out of place with the flow of the film.

There were also some flaws with the storyline, such as how they end up at the amusement park. Doesn’t take much brains (juicy, juicy brains) to realize that turning on an amusement park at night in a city full of zombies is probably not the best of ideas. They really forced the ending there. The romance plot was also bungled and was way too straight-forward and unintersting.

Overall, this is a 6/10 movie which gets bumped up to a 7 because he comedy in it really is quite good with many downright hilarious moments.


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