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The Informant!

As I watched this movie, I really didn’t know what to make of it or what to expect next, much like how the FBI agents felt about Mark Whitacre. Matt Damon was great in this role as a seemingly daft FBI mole working at a corrupt company. He is funny and likable, even when he shouldn’t be likable.

The turns and twists in this movie only add to the comical absurdity of the character. Damon really makes this movie work by finding a balance of lovable and ridiculous. Mark’s thought-trails are downright hilarious. Now, this isn’t really a laugh-out-loud comedy, in case you are getting that impression. But it is an interesting story told with a comedic edge that can really catch you off guard.
You should definitely have fun with this movie. 8/10.

Oh, I just have to say this though as a side note. What a terrible soundtrack.

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