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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wow, this movie was just awful. Just. Awful. Right from the get-go I shook my head thinking of how I would have to continue to sit through this movie when I really just wanted to go to sleep. The pacing was right off the rails. The director obviously thought he was setting up a background for Wolfie and Sabertooth, but it really just ended up as a mish-mash of “cool” stuff. The secret unit of mutants segment was also rushed and had no real exposition to explain who they were and what exactly they were doing (we had to piece that together later).

The dialogue was so mind-numbingly obvious and almost every line was wholly without meaning. None of it was effective. The acting was nothing to write home about. The characters were hardly introduced or explained. Did they mention any names of any of the characters? Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but really there wasn’t a lot of time to really find out who these secondary characters were, something which Singer did such a great job with in the first two movies.

I think they made this movie purely to show off “cool” action scenes and fight sequences. However, they were ridiculously over stylized, and I could actually hear the director saying “This is going to look so cool! People are going to cheer!” Which of course they didn’t. And seriously, how many times did we need Wolverine and Sabertooth to fight? “Oh look, they’re charging towards each other, claws out. Again. Imagine that.”

Someone asked me if Singer directed this one too. I wish he had; it might have been good. Poor effort.

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