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The Hurt Locker

Hurt Locker. When it works, it works very well. It just doesn’t work well all of the time.  The mission scenes are meticulously crafted; full of suspense and edge-of-your-seat thrills. The storyline is pretty much non-existent in terms of plot, but is somewhat existent in terms of character development. I don’t mind that there is no plot as it adds to the realistic tone it is trying to convey. After all, there is no script for war.

The story is simply three members of a bomb squad trying to make it through their last days in the war, one of whom is a loose cannon and another who hates him.  The acting is sort of all over the map here; some performances, like the sergeant are strong, others not so much.  And there are some cameos, especially David Morse’s, which seem really pointless.

The mission scenes are very engaging to be sure. This movie also does a really good job at capturing the paranoia which accompanies the Iraq war; never knowing if your enemy is looking down on you from a window, yet almost certain that he is.

Yet this is still a flawed movie. There are a lot of moments which feel very forced and really break the natural flow of the film. One example is Owen’s talks with his psychiatrist, another is Will’s reaction to Beckham’s death. And the ending seemed a little tacked on to me as well. These flaws take the Hurt Locker out of great movie range, but it still is a top notch war film.


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