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Terminator: Salvation

I did not go into Terminator Salvation with a lot of hope. I think the series should have been left well enough alone at two movies. What I saw here didn’t really change my mind. I also always thought that a movie set in the Terminator future would be a bad idea; that the future is better seen through glimpses and through exposition in the other stories. I think I still hold to that, though this did present it better than I had thought it would.

There were some very good things about this movie. The setting of a war-ravaged planet where machines are constantly on the hunt was neat to see, especially through the escape from LA part of the movie where we see a number of these hunting methods of the machines. The character of Marcus Wright was a good addition, giving the story a little bit more of a personal weight,a s it was lacking it in other areas. However, I didn’t like how they wrapped his story up.

I loved seeing Conner fight Arnold’s T-800. That was both unexpected and awesome. I also thought it was interesting how John Connor and Kyle Reese switch roles here, where Kyle is the one who must be protected for his role in the future, and Connor is the protector.

But when it comes down to it, this movie just doesn’t live up to its predecessors (except T3, it was better than that one). It lacked a certain level of intensity and depth that the first two had. The actual storyline without Marcus’ character is a rather bland, run-of-the-mill straight line, and even with Marcus thrown in the mix, it still felt like that a lot. The action scenes were way to long, especially Marcus’ escape from the base with Blair.

In context of the series, wow is it horrible. Riddled with plot holes and character inconsistencies, it does a great disservice to the movies before it.  Its too bad they couldn’t bother to find a better screenwriter and director. It keeps you along for the ride, but ultimately not enough to be a great film, especially with its massive logic gaps.

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