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Star Trek

Star Trek is an amazing movie. I fell in love with this movie from the first few minutes. The opening was very intense, exciting and packed quite the emotional punch. Even though we have only just been introduced to these characters, Abrams manages to make a connection between them and we as an audience, and I felt  very moved from these opening moments.

As the movie continued, we were introduced to the characters of Stark Trek which we all know and love, as they have been around for the last 40 years. The fact that we know these characters through the legendary TV series and through 6 movies gives their actions here during their younger days even more weight and meaning. This is a powerful aspect of this film which can only come through years of building a franchise with as much power and impact as Star Trek.

This movie did almost everything right. It looked fantastic. I wondered if I could be awed again by movies as we seem to be satiated in excess special effects these days. But Star Trek manages to serve up quite the visual spectacle, showing outer space and the federation of planets with a wide-eyed intent to show off the grandeur of it, which is sorely lacking in films today. I truely appreciated it.

The acting was another highlight. Each of the original crew members were all given their moments during this movie, and the two I was most worried about were Karl Urban as McCoy and Zach Quito as Spock. However, both surprised me with how well they were able to sink into their roles. Simon Pegg was great comedic relief as Scotty. However, Chris Pine really ran away with his role embodying James T. Kirk and providing us with a performance that was so enjoyable to watch every step of the way. It can’t be easy trying to play a character which is so well-known and beloved in the pop culture psyche, but Pine pulled it of with room to spare. He made Kirk his own while managing to still channel enough of Shatner to keep us remembering why we love Kirk so much.

It’s been a long time since I have been this excited after seeing a movie. This is one of the best Star Trek movies, that is for sure. It managed to increase the excitement levels and give it a hip new feel, while still keeping all that makes Star Trek great, especially the character interactions. If you haven’t seen Star Trek yet, I urge you to see it now.

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