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Monsters Vs. Aliens

Monsters vs Aliens is the latest Dreamworks animated feature.  In the world of animated films, Dreamworks just doesn’t seem to reach as high as Pixar does with its movies.  They are more focused on making a movie of its day as opposed to a movie of the ages, and going for laughs rather than actual emotion and storytelling.  Monsters vs Aliens is no different, yet it is still an enjoyable movie nonetheless.

This was a funny movie to be sure. Seth Rogan as the brainless blob was almost always hilarious, and the interaction between all of the monsters was both sweet and funny.The animation was rich and colourful. Some aspects simply fell flat, like the character of the General.
Even though this was a fun and enjoyable movie, it is in no way a great movie. It seems to be content with simply going for the cheap laugh, which is all well and good I suppose. But if this is Dreamwork’s angle, they need to stop whining about Pixar winning all the awards. The difference is that Pixar sets out to make a genuinely good, solid movie rather than a dispensable comedy. With that said, I still had fun and I did like this movie.

Now a quick note on 3D. I just don’t understand the appeal. To me I found that the 3D really doesn’t add anything to the film, and in fact it seems to distract me from the film more than anything else. This is a personal preference of course, but I just don’t really like that this 3D trend is starting to come back.

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