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Alright, here are my thoughts on Fanboys.  First off, I must point out that I am a Star Wars geek through and through. And therefore, this movie was made for me; I am its intended audience.
I realize that this movie has to be viewed by me with two different viewpoints; as a movie on its own and as a movie about star wars fans. The actual movie mechanics aren’t really that great. The plot is only there to take us to all of the different set pieces set up throughout the movie. The acting is not exactly top notch and the conflict between to two main characters actually turns out to be rather annoying. However, it is better to have that tension rather than have all of the characters as best friends, leaving the interactions between them rather bland to watch on film.
So even though I recognize its flaws as an actual movie, as a Star Wars fan I couldn’t help but have a ton of fun. I loved the inside jokes and reused star wars lines, the battles with Trekkies, and of course the nostalgia of the prequel madness I myself engaged in which came from seeing them outside the theater at the end (not to mention a certain thrill seeing Kristen Bell in the slave girl outfit…).  So even though I know I shouldn’t, I like this movie.
As a movie – 5/10
As a movie for Star Wars fans – 7/10

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