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Angels & Demons

I am one of the people who enjoyed the Da Vinci Code movie and I have read both Langdon books. So I was actually pretty excited to see Angels & Demons as the story in the book is more adept to having an exciting cinematic adaption than Da Vinci was. Unfortunately this was a very poorly made movie.

The storyline was quite good, but that is in credit to the book and not the movie. However, everything else around it was simply not good. The acting was atrocious, even by Hanks (a rarity for him). Ewan McGregor was the only one who really put forth an effort here. The leading lady had no screen presence, which, compared to Audrey Tatou’s performance in the first movie, is a big downfall. The assassin villain was also very uninteresting.

The dialogue in this movie was just awkward. None of it really seemed natural. There are times when characters suddenly break out into obviously blocked-out monologues out of nowhere, and they seem very out of place. A strong example is McGregor’s sudden speech about science to the College of Cardinals. Some action scenes also felt thrown in, like the escape from the Vatican Archives.

And this movie was also verging on boring, which shouldn’t have happened with the story they had. But often I simply found myself bored. I enjoyed the scenes which related to the papal election and the grandeur given to that moment. I also enjoy the figuring-out-the- puzzle-using-the-clues aspect of the story, but the movie still fell flat regardless.

I was hoping the negative buzz for this movie was coming from Dan Brown haters and people who simply sloughed this one off because they didn’t like the Da Vinci Code. But instead it came from not being a good film.

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